AKP is a Web3 infrastructure integrator and operator with experience in training and consulting. Our products can integrate with any applications. We offer an open-sourced SDK that provides the necessary tools, components, modules, and functionality that establishes mutual trust between interacting parties for enabling social and commercial activities that are O2O (both ways) or purely online.

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According to PwC (October 2020), blockchain has the potential to boost global GDP by US$1.76 trillion by 2030, i.e. 1.4% of global GDP, based on how blockchain is currently being used and gauged in its potential across healthcare, government and public services, manufacturing, finance, logistics, and retail industries.

Trust is fragile in a digital world. Building trust and transparency by investing in digitisation is a priority that has gathered pace during COVID-19. As CEOs across the globe look to reconfigure their operations, some 61% are placing the digital transformation of core business operations and processes among their top three priorities.

The top five uses driving blockchain adoption and digital transformation fall within the scope of AKP offerings: verifiable credentials and provenance ($962 billion by 2030), payments and financial instruments ($433 billion), identity ($224 billion), contracts and dispute resolution ($73 billion), customer engagement ($54 billion).

Solution Services

AKP offers both SaaS and PaaS as foundational or starting points for your Web3 dreams. A PaaS solution is reliable as a solid foundation for your application or app ecosystem, requiring some customisation. A SaaS solution is readily available right out-of-the-box. All solutions are compatible with W3C standards and digital infrastructure of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, i.e. the iAM Smart digital identity platform and the Commercial Data Interchange (CDI).


  • Forever-Wallet (FW): a fundamental unit that manages decentralised identifiers and verifiable credentials, as per the W3C standards.
  • Meta-Logbook (ML): a fundamental trust-application framework modelled upon an immutable virtual record list.
  • Meta-Roster (MR): a fundamental trust-application framework modelled upon an immutable virtual membership list.

  • Digital Administrative System for Academia (DASA): a suite that helps educational institutes manage their students, staff, and other stakeholders.
  • Low-admin [dash]board for meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions (LAB MICE): a suite that helps event organisers plan and manage all aspects of an event, for professional or personal use.
  • Meta-Blockchain Lab (MBL): a sandbox environment for developers to quickly produce proofs-of-concept or prototype applications.

If you require further customisation, contact us here to discuss your Web3 dreams!

Custom Solutions

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