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Building a better web from first principles in trust and privacy

About Us

Named after the atomic processes of trust frameworks, AKP contributes to the evolution of the world wide web that facilitates digital human trust through legal and regulated application of blockchain and cryptography.

This is our framework of building a solution from inception to completion:

1. Learn

Learn about the infrastructure of regulated web3 applications.

  • Why web3 applications are (not) legal or compliant.
  • How web3 applications can co-exist with regulations.
  • What web3 applications need for legal/regulatory compliance.

2. Explore

Explore ideas and concepts of the solution with our experienced team of subject matter experts.

  • Familiarize with other use cases in regulated web3 infrastructure.
  • Brainstorm use cases for your business or industry.
  • Iterate on your ideas and concepts.

3. Design

Design the solution through collaborating with our experienced product engineering team.

  • Identify core values, key benefits, potential impact.
  • Iterate on solution architecture and technical specifications.
  • Interview stakeholders and users to refine the design.

4. Prototype

Prototype the solution through iterations of low- and high-fidelity mockups.

  • Create wireframes for high concept validation.
  • Create pixel-perfect mockups for stakeholder feedback.
  • Create interactive prototype for user interaction testing.

5. Pilot

Pilot the solution with a group of minimum viable stakeholders.

  • Create testnet and sandbox.
  • Onboard initial nodes.
  • Test key scenarios.

6. Launch

Launch the solution to increasingly larger networks of stakeholders.

  • Create infrastructure governance and policy for net.
  • Onboard additional nodes and accounts.
  • Monitor and address issues and concerns.

Our Products

AKP offers a plethora of products based on our long history of regulated web3 development.

Web3 Learning Lab

AKP packaged modules for building regulated web3 infrastructure into a sandbox with minimum viable blockchain and governance.

Web3 Meta-Logbook

AKP has productized a fundamental trust-application framework modelled upon an immutable virtual record list.

Web3 Meta-Roster

AKP has productized a fundamental trust-application framework modelled upon an immutable virtual membership list.

Web3 Meta-Wallet

AKP has productized a fundamental unit that manages decentralised identifiers and verifiable credentials, as per W3C standards.

Web3 MICE Admin

AKP has productized a suite that helps event organisers plan and manage all aspects of an event, for professional or personal use.

Web3 School Admin

AKP has productized a suite that helps educational institutes manage their students, staff, and other stakeholders.

Our Services

AKP offers services for those starting off their web3 journey to those looking for specific sets of skills.

Web3 Education

AKP offers courses, workshops, and mentorship programs to help students and professionals understand regulated web3.

Web3 Consultancy

AKP provides expert guidance on integrating existing/legacy systems with regulated web3 or building new ones.

Web3 Solution Design

AKP helps organizations design and deliver regulated web3 solutions, including applications and governance.

Web3 App Development

AKP specializes in building regulated web3 apps: full-stack web/mobile dev, chain-code, and integrations.

Web3 Development Ops

AKP provides support for deploying and maintaining regulated web3 solutions and applications.

Web3 Infrastructure Services

AKP offers services for hosting, storage, and networking to support regulated web3 solutions and apps.

Contact Us

Our multinational team is based out of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP). If you are not located in Hong Kong, please reach out so we can put you in touch with someone in your geography or time zone.

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We work with students and professionals (public and private sectors) to bring their web3 vision into reality.


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