Overview of AKP

What do we do

The world wide web is undergoing a sea change. The dream: digital assets can be owned and transacted purely online. The challenges: privacy, security, and compliance. The blockchain space is no stranger to lofty dreams. The challenge is bridging dreams and reality.

TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE: AKP provides products and services to systems designers, integrators, and operators to launch and maintain applications for this new world wide web: Web3. The AKP software development kit gives any web application or ecosystem the capabilities expected of a regulated web3 solution. Components may be integrated by module or by functionality.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: AKP also invests in training, coaching, and supporting students and startups with promising projects or learning potential. AKP sponsors and supports hackathons, contests, and international competitions. AKP develops and delivers education and training to students at the primary, secondary, tertiary levels, and beyond.